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Assalamualaikum (May peace be upon you) & lovely day!

My name is Milin.

I am a Muslim.  A home guardian to a loving husband and three beautiful children.
My littlest has returned to Allah back in December 2012.
Perhaps one day I share you her story. How we are blessed to have her in our lives, our family.

I am also a Storyteller. And I tell childhood stories.
They are told through photographs, and often times I like to add some words to the pictures.
While at home -a part from documenting stories of my children - I love, love to read storybooks to them whilst my husband is so fond of telling them stories. Funny stories particularly.

We can't stop laughing hearing him telling impromptu and very  hilarious stories of little animals (my girls always wanted an animal story most of the time).  And of course in between, the little ones will add more juices to the stories.  It's a different story almost every night, but usually it's a story that is very familiar to what is happening to our girls during the day.

Once in a while I love documenting them in the moment, or when they are glued to the books, or when they snuggle with each other listening to storybooks we read.  Yes, these are just among many moments of them I like to treasure. I just love documenting my girls because I want them to remember their childhood stories.

There is something about childhood memories I found my words could not do justice  - at least for now - to what I'm feeling about them.

One thing I know my heart jumps to joy, and my eyes are drawn to those fleeting childhood moments, when ever I'm peeking through my camera.

I am always fascinated at how - by the mercy of Allah - we are able to preserve those intangible moments into tangible memories by using a camera. Alhamdulillah through photography, we can now capture the light reflected from objects and preserve it on a surface to produce an image our eyes see. Just by a click of a button. Masha Allah!

But what fascinates me even more is how our eyes are able to recognise that special moment our hearts are drawn to, and quickly our finger responded to our inclination by clicking the button. Without the mercy of Allah, that is just not possible.

If you are a photographer, I bet - like me - you probably on rare occasion have experienced missing that certain moment. The time you realised that moment was special, it was just too late! Because it seems your eyes fail to anticipate or your finger just did not synchronised with your eyes.  So to actually able to click the button and eventually freeze a certain moment is indeed something beyond our control.

Perhaps that is that reason why I am always feeling anxious prior to my photo session.  My heart is eager yet at the same time I get butterflies in my stomach.  Anticipating the surprises of what my eyes will encounter, and eventually my finger will clock favourite moments into tangible memories.

That mix feelings of joy, eagerness and antsy all at the same time knowing you are not really in control of what your eyes will choose to love.  And finally when you are there in the moment, it happens so fast - suddenly you are in another world peeking through the viewfinder  - as if you were being mesmerized and finally calmed knowing your heart, your eyes and your finger are being synchronised to do the thing you love so dearly. Subhanallah!

Indeed those feelings is a beautiful mercy from Allah. I am dumbfounded sometime when I got back recollecting what I have experienced.  Humbled by it actually.

And to go through that feelings, again and again, every time I am at work is beyond words to describe. Which favour of the Lord would we deny then?  Each one of us is blessed with beautiful, indescribable feelings of happiness deep down inside of us when we get to do the things we love. Be it work, spending time with family and friends, crafting, reading, cooking, travelling, performing the Hajj, or even when we get the chance to help others. These are just among the many million things of His Mercy we could never count.

I have so much to say so I'll continue writing from time to time, here on my blog, in shaa Allah.

I hope you have a wonderful stay here.

I would love to hear from you too, so don't forget to drop a line or two here.  You will make my day!
Or you can say hi here on my instagram :)

Hear you soon!

Take care, and much love.

May Allah bless you, ameen.

nuriyah –   – (12/12/10, 5:54 AM)  

Hi Milin, I've already thanked you for our fantastic photos, but wanted to write a review on your website- although your beautiful photos say it all! You have such a lovely way with children (and their parents!) We have never had 'formal' photographs taken before, and did think beforehand that we might feel a bit self conscious or uncomfortable, but your manner put us at ease and we had a thoroughly enjoayable time. We love the photos, and selecting favourites is proving difficult.... but we will cherish them for years to come. Thank you so much, and I am sure we will be back in touch in the future.
Best wishes,
Nuriyah, Johan, Anders and Sara xxx

Milin  – (12/18/10, 11:21 AM)  

Dear Nuriyah,

Thank you so much for your kind words and lovely thoughts. You just made me the happiest photographer. Nothing is more rewarding than a happy client to a photographer. Alhamdulillah. I'm so much honoured to photograph your beautiful family, and yes definitely looking forward to see you all again!

Warmest thoughts,

Elizabeth  – (1/24/11, 6:25 PM)  

Dear Milin

Thanks for the great session last Sunday. Joelle enjoyed it as much as we did! Can't wait for the outcome =)


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KL Photo Award finalist Milin Kassim is a custom, natural light portrait photographer. She specializes in newborns, babies, children and family portraiture. Contemporary in her approach, Milin strives to capture memorable, heartfelt images of childhood. She especially loves, loves to capture family connections and relationships; that sweet love and special bonding family members have for one another. And she has a big, soft spot for children natural expressions - be it sulking, cheeky, giggle, shy, angry, curious, etc. Those expressions melt her heart in a way she could never possibly describe in words. With thoughtful attention to details, Milin dwells in her dreamland of picture-processing giving a special touch to each of her images; turning them into artistic portraits that she hopes will tug the hearts of families for many, many years to come.


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