It's already the 5th day and I hope everyone have had a wonderful start greeting 2010 :)
As for us we're now keeping ourselves busy updating and improving this new official blog, and a few other projects to kick start 2010.

If you notice, we have updated more infos on our link bar i.e details and sessions. We want to give our clients a better and friendly service. Hence more information provided before you book us for a session. Do take a look! You get lots of infos there and they will give you some ideas for the session. We have a few more to include on our link bar and will let you know when we put up more links ;)

Oh don't forget to check out our galleries as well. We have added a few more pictures there. And definitely we will continue adding our pictures to the gallery so do check them often ;)

On the other note, we are only taking a very few sessions - babies and maternity - this January, and almost booked up. I'm already at my 33 weeks of pregnancy - some of you may know this if you have been following my personal blog ;)

So it lead us to another news. We have to close bookings for February - April sessions since I will be taking my maternity leave. But no worries time flies and we will open the bookings in March for May sessions and onwards. Will surely announce it when the booking is open ;)

Nonetheless, we will keep this blog buzy definitely! We have a few exciting things coming up and can't wait to share them with all of you. We'll give you more details on this soon ;)

Till then, this post would not be complete without a picture. So here's a picture of one of our favs lil'darling, Qistina. Isn't she the cutest? I will also blog about her later :)

qistina_red wall_s

Have a lovely week!


blogresipi  – (1/8/10, 5:27 PM)  

nice looking blog sis. love all the pics. so adorable.

milin  – (1/9/10, 11:32 AM)  

thank you dear, salam perkenalan from us ;)

Zubye  – (1/13/10, 10:53 AM)  

Milin! bila nak update? waiting for your new pics :-)

milin  – (1/13/10, 11:32 AM)  

Zubye dear, heheh soon, soon!
so many things to do so little time b4 i'm taking a break 4 my maternity leave huhuh ;p

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