Sent From Heaven...

our miracle II_s

Alhamdulillah we are blessed with another beautiful miracle, our second princess :)
Born on Feb 14, 2010 at 3.14 am.
She is delivered one week earlier from the EDD, our angel can't wait to meet the family!
Sarah, 2 days old. Just before her afternoon bath.

On another note,

We will be taking a break from this blog for a while since mommy is now on maternity leave ;)
We hope to see you soon after the break :)
To all my recent clients, I'll be contacting you personally...

Linda Latip  – (2/16/10, 8:08 AM)  

congrats milin..insya Allah ade msa free nk bawa Ghazi visit the newest muse nih :)

MELISSA'S WARDROBE  – (2/16/10, 8:13 PM)  

Welcome to world baby....Love u. You are so sweet....

Zubye  – (2/17/10, 12:09 PM)  

love this!
terbau2 baby newborn.. so sweet and fresh..
Congratulations to u and family, milin.. i'm sure iffah will enjoy her moment as a big sister..

take care! send my hugs and kisses to the lovely baby.. oh ya.. nama dah ada ke milin?

Anonymous –   – (2/17/10, 5:26 PM)  

I'm so happy for you dear. Now Arsh has a play date! More pictures please, aunty Milin... Arsh nak tengok...

AppleCrux  – (2/19/10, 5:20 PM)  

Congrats Milin! BTW ape nama baby?

MELISSA'S WARDROBE  – (2/22/10, 8:13 PM)  

How are you Milin? So sorry..Kak An was busy. Tak sempat nak call huhu. Cannot wait to see lovely Qaisara many kilos dah? Everything ok ke? Do take care. Salam kat Iffah....Melissa missed her.

Auntie Iffah –   – (3/2/10, 10:32 AM)  

Auwww.. Sarah is truly an angel sent from heaven above :-) So pure, so innocent, so angelic. Can't wait to see her in person. XOXO.

milin  – (3/10/10, 6:07 PM)  

Thank you dearies for the wishes :)
Our newest addition is named Nadiah Sarah :)
Alhamdulillah Sarah and Iffah are doing great :)

MELISSA'S WARDROBE  – (3/11/10, 2:25 PM)  

Sorry Milin, nampak nama Qiasarah tu dalam Facebook Norman...Kak An thought it was final. By the way, where are you know? dah balik KL ke? Can't wait to see Sarah...

milin  – (3/11/10, 5:53 PM)  

Kak An, thanks for visiting us tadi :))))
Hehhe no worries, masa tuh norman was still considering ;)

MELISSA'S WARDROBE  – (3/11/10, 9:34 PM)  

Love Sarah!!!!! So cute.....Can't wait she turns 3m.

Anonymous –   – (3/15/10, 1:43 PM)  

Milin, what an angel! Definitely sent from Heaven on Valentine happy for you!!!
Post more pic

Luv, Jessica Wong

milin  – (3/15/10, 2:17 PM)  

Kak An: Thanks :))) Nanti Sarah dah besar sket bawak dia visit kakak melissa :)

Jess: Thanks!!!
Awww just saw your blog, lovin it!!!

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