Newborn Portraits of Sarah: Part 1

This is rather a long entry than my usual post
You may skip and scroll down for pictures ;)

I''m back to work, though haven't started shooting yet. This month is all about resuming all the editing jobs and doing what ever that's need to be done before I start shooting again this May. An of course adapting to being a photographer mommy of two children! Life has been pretty, pretty busy juggling between taking care of my two lovely angels and running a photography business. The fact that I just gave birth to my second child and my photography business has just started, it's quite a challenging task.

Wow, this whole new experience really gives me an adrenalin rush. Am I complaining? No way! Well it's no easy job, especially when everything is still at the beginning. Our days have turned into topsy-turvy kind of situations at times. But hey I get to see my kids grow in front of me, and I have the best job in the world! And things will definitely get better from time to time. I believe that. It's all about adjusting and getting better at it.

I'm not sure whether I have blogged about my new venture - or shall I call it an adventure - of turning my passion into a full-time business. When I planned for it last year, I didn't expect that our baby Sarah was coming. Everything was about to launch when we found out that I was pregnant! Should I reconsider about it, and continue doing my passion freelance, or just go ahead with it? As you can see now, I decided to embrace both my 'babies' at the same. Why not? I was about to seriously venture into something that I like so much when Allah blessed me with another beautiful gift. These are blessings!

It has been in my dream for so long. Finally early last year I came out with a name that I like so much, Littlestori Photography. I hope you like it too :) The name came about when I noticed how much our family pictures meant for my eldest daughter, Iffah. She enjoyed looking at all the pictures. I swear that Iffah appreciate all those tangible memories of her babyhood! As if they were telling her stories. And that was exactly what I wanted to do, capturing every little detail, and every little story of childhood through my lens. I registered my Littlestori domain right after. Then a few months later I was pregnant. Hesitated, it took months until I register my Littlestori Photography as a business, which was in October last year. Announcing it took another guts!

Oh by the way I'm so thrill now that there are more than 300 people joining Littlestori on facebook. I know it's only a small number to some others, but having you all here with us, it is HUGE to me. Thank you guys, so much!!! So I have a new resolution now. A new target. My aim is to post more pictures for my blog entry from now on. I have a number of mommy photographers that I adore so much - Barb Uil, Leah Zawadzki, Tamara Lackey and a few lot more! And of course I visit their blogs almost everyday, checking out what's new! I especially enjoy when they post lots and lots of pictures in their entry. I get a bit frustrated when they post very little since I wanted to see more. Hey it got me into thinking, I should also post more pictures from now on! They say a picture tells a thousand words, but a set of pictures? They tell more.

Below are pictures of my baby Sarah when she was two days old. I have a collection of her portraits taken during her first month. After a month of having a series of Sarah's newborn portraits, I came to a realization that it was not an easy job to take portraits of my own newborn baby. Usually, I take about 2 to 4 hours to do a newborn portraiture. But when you are a mommy yourself to the newborn model, you don't have the luxury to wait for the moments and capture the yawns, the frowns, the smiles and all the little magical things that your newborn baby does during her portrait session.

As a mom, your concern is more on the baby. Taking care of her needs and bonding with her is top priority than planning or preparing for the portrait session. The fact that you just gave birth, your mind and body is not really that fit to get the props and settings ready or even plan for the whole session. Not to mention the limited angles of shots. In my case, I just sit and shoot from the angles that I'm comfortable with. Less standing, bending down etc to get the shots. LOL thinking of the list of donts during the confinement, I dare not strain my body just for the sake of creative shots. So all that make me more keen to take snapshots of Sarah since it was more fun and much, much less difficult - technically - than the carefully crafted portrait shots.

The best is to limit the effort on each portrait session. You take what ever that you have within your reach. And so with my case. First, I get my within-the-reach props and simple settings ready. Luckily I have prepared them way earlier before Sarah was born - though I wish I have prepared more. Then I have only about 15 minutes to half an hour to take portrait shots of Sarah, with or without all those yawns and smiles. After that I would be busy feeding her and taking care of her other needs, and my just-gave-birth body would start aching here and there and too tired to continue photographing Sarah. The best time to have a session with Sarah is before or after her bath. For these pictures, they are taken right before her bath. I made sure that she is well fed, than it's portrait time for my little baby. All the props and settings ready, took off her clothes, wrap her up in a white cloth, and let her doze off in the basket!

Sarah enjoyed each of her portrait session especially when she was put in a basket. Every time I put her in, she would simply doze off! Hence it made it easy for me to capture her newborn shots. The funny part is every time she had her portrait session, she never gave me that look I was looking for - probably because the time was too short. She neither yawn nor smile. But when we were not in a proper setting, there she went giving me those beautiful smiles! Luckily, I still do have pictures of her smiling, event though they were only snapshots. But priceless they are!

So would I still be taking portrait shots of my newborn baby myself the next time? Of course I will. But I will definitely consider a photographer to also take portrait shots of my newborn. Why?
Simply because

1) I do not have to worry about the lighting, angles and getting the props and settings ready when I have the photographer to worry about that ;)
2) I can focus on taking care of my little one, and the photographer can also assist me with baby
3) I can fully plan and prepare my family to dress beautifully for the occasion, since I have the photographer to worry about the photography aspects.
4) I want to be in the picture! Looking beautiful and all dress up while I have my mother-child time with my baby, and of course the whole family. While I have the photographer to make sure that we have our moments in a nice setting :)

So, do enjoy these newborn portraits of Sarah. Watch out for Part 2 of her portraits :)

Sarah at two days old... in the afternoon

Sarah15Feb. (113)_s

Sarah15Feb. (106)_pp2.s copy

Sarah15Feb. (105)_s

Sarah15Feb. (103)_s

Sarah15Feb. (122_131)_s

Sarah15Feb. (117)_s

Sarah15Feb. (121)_s

Sarah15Feb. (74)_s

Sarah15Feb. (70)_s

Sarah15Feb. (75)_s

Oh btw, notice my new watermaarks? I love, love them so much, thanks to my darling sister Yani! I love you sis! She got so much talent, will also blog about this one of these days :)


nazatul –   – (4/16/10, 9:56 PM)  

wow.. ur new watermark.. i looiiikee..!! ;)

Zubye  – (4/16/10, 11:08 PM)  

Beautiful Sarah. Puas hati auntie dapat dokong dia hari tu walaupun kejap.. hehehhe..

Milin, welcome to the club ;-) dulu masa i nak benti keja.. memang i rasa takut sgt.. tapi segala2nya bergantung kepada niat.. i buang rasa takut.. tanya hati apa yang i nak.. semuanya hanya untuk Irfan.. masa tu just tawakal je untuk EOG future.. EOG comes no 2.. alhamdulillah.. dan insyaAllah bila kita dah set niat yang betul di awal permulaan.. Allah will guide us.. till the end. Percaya kepada hati :-)

All the best to u!

ps: we are having the best job in the world Milin. and most importantly we love what we do. ;-)

Anonymous –   – (4/17/10, 1:36 PM)  

Milin... i just LOVE LOVE LOVE this set. Those tiny feet, fingers and wrinkles.. Congrats Milin. I know it's tough being a WAHM.. It's like being a FTWM and SAHM all at the same time. We're in the same boat. But it's really rewarding kan? I'm struggling to finish up my thesis at the moment. Nnati dah clear sikit, will visit you and your angels. Take care Milin. Love you.

Que' (malas nak sign in.... he..he..)

Anonymous –   – (4/17/10, 1:42 PM)  

milin... I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this set. Those tiny feet and wrinkles.... The love you have for darling Sarah is clearly reflected in the pictures. I'm proud of you dear. i know how difficult it is juggling with work and lil angels all at the same time. it's like being a FTWM and SAHM all at the same time. We're in the same boat. But it's really rewarding right? i'm struggling to finish up my thesis. Will visit you and your angels after things have cleared a lil bit. Keep on sharing Milin, I do check out your new pictures, but don't really have time to leave comments. Take care dear.. you and your lil ones.

Que' (malas nak sign in..he..he...)

YUZIE AMIR  – (4/27/10, 2:08 PM)  

cantik nyaa ur new watermark..i love butterfly.
i'm not strong enough like u to quit my current job.And i'm doing photography just because i love it.And i want to enjoy it..for kalo dah jadi fulltime job kang i jadi tension plak hahaha..silly me! But i love to see bidang fotografi ni di pelopori oleh ibu2..and i salute for all photog i buat fulltime..this is not an easy job.
Good luck for you!

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