Dream comes true!

I've been dreaming about bringing big props - the ones as big as white antique bed, , or at least the not so big ones like baby cot or antique chair - to the location. So when I suggested the idea to An from Melissa's Wardrobe, I was jumping to joy when she told me that was exactly what she had been thinking about!

For our first session, we decided to use baby cot for Melissa's Wardrobe theme. Months prior to our session, we had been working closely with each other... exchanging ideas and what not. And finally the session day! Alhamdulillah, everything went so beautifully. The feeling? It's like dream comes true!

I hope you enjoy the sneak peek of our first session. And we have several more sessions with her. Among the lists are Little Pirate and Little Cowboy, can't wait!






MELISSA'S WARDROBE  – (5/27/10, 8:37 PM)  

I'm the happiest mama ever.I do....I really do, I truly love all the photos so much. Yes dream comes true. I don't need to repeat and say again and again....I LOVE MILIN'S WORK,I guess everybody knows. Milin, Kak An sangat appreciate all these, from the 1st day we discussed till now that I can see the product, I can't describe. May Allah beautifully create and help littlestori.com to become a success kid's photographer and me, will ALWAYS stand behind you, support you. Yeahhhhhhh till next session, outfit is arriving in 10 days. So meet again..huhu

milin  – (5/28/10, 9:48 AM)  

Kak An, thanks you so, so much!
I'm so, so happy that you love all these pictures! Me too!!! I'm the happiest photographer... and again, I'm jumping to joy!!!
Alhamdulillah :)))
And thanks for your prayer...ameen. And your support & encouragement... they mean a lot to me! Really they do and I will always remember these...
InsyaAllah I will always do my best and improve more, and more to capture more beautiful moments of childhood... ameen.

And yup2, so can't wait for our next session!!!!

Lots and lots of hugs,

zubye  – (5/31/10, 7:12 PM)  

this is so lovely!
Melissa's outfit are very gorgeous!
Well done to you both.

milin  – (11/1/10, 3:54 PM)  

TQ Zubye dear!
Sorry baru reply just realised your comment..

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