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Nothing greets a sun shiny day better than a smile or laughter of a child, don't you think? That is why I love my job! I get to meet kids often and their smiles remind me of my own. And seeing parents having a splendid time with their gorgeous kids remind me to do just the same with my two gorgeous girls! Yup, I like the fact that this jobs never fails to remind me the joy of family bonding - being happily together with the kids. I love, love watching family having a great time together. So every time after a photo session, the first thing that I can think of is "Yeay, it's my turn! Happy, goofy time with the kids now"

These pictures were taken some weekend ago, right after our Raya holiday. Had a sneak peek for the family on our facebook page. Oh speaking of the sneak peek, gosh I must admit that I find it much easier nowadays to upload a sneak peek on the facebook than on the blog. That I kinda neglected this blog for the longest time. Oh poor my blog, I shouldn't take this blog for granted just because it's way much easier to upload on the facebook. Yes, facebook uploading is easy peasy, but you get better, larger view on the blog.

It's kind of tedious work and time consuming to upload pictures on the blog actually - resizing and uploading images to flickr first, then again uploading the images to the blog, constructing the words to write... the list just go on. One thing I want my blog post to be perfect - to my definition. And another I told myself back then, that I wanted to post loads of pictures in every post - it's a photo blog and it should have lots of pictures in it! The plan has back fired! I ended up posting less, and less to the point that I have not been updating for months. Because I keep looking for a perfect time, perfect this and perfect that. I just don't have that luxury, perfect time nowadays. Nonetheless on the positive note, this also means that I'm getting more and more requests for photo sessions recently, Alhamdulillah shukran.

So now, I shouldn't aim for perfection. And if I can't upload loads of pix, it's ok. One or two is alright, rather than nothing. This should be my aim now. A little will do than nothing, and perfect is such a rigid word for blog posting! I can always go back to my entry and add more photos after wards.

Oh dear, I do miss writing here that I keep on rambling and rambling... so back to the pictures!

I took these picture for this very wonderful couple. They are back here in KL for Raya break, and took this opportunity for their family portrait. Spending time with their kids is just so lovely, I wish I can spend more time with the little ones. Seriously, these two little cuties... they are beyond adorable! The Abang, his love for car is just so amazing! Adik pulak, she is so, so generous with smiles. I also treasured the time I spent with their mom and grandma. We had a lovely chat right after our session ended, and the best part is they really make me feel at home.

To Nuriyah and family, thank you so much for having me be a part of your day... I truly treasure it. And I hope you and family love the pictures here as much as I do :)


fadhil  – (10/7/10, 11:15 PM)  

welcome back dear!
need to up date mine too...

milin  – (10/8/10, 10:05 PM)  

thanks darling! hehe moga makin byk updates from now on :)

nuriyah –   – (10/16/10, 8:30 PM)  

Hi Milin
It was lovely to meet you, and we really enjoyed our session. The photos you've posted are fantastic, and I can't wait to receive the CD!!!
thanks so much,

milin  – (10/20/10, 2:08 PM)  

Nuriyah: So glad you love the photos, hugs!!!

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