Salam Maal Hijrah 1432H

Salam Maal Hijrah to all my Muslim brothers and sisters..

May this year be a blessed year for all of us. A year full of Taqwa and Hijrah towards kindness. And let's us all pray that this year and years to come we will be better parents to our beautiful children, ameen.

Looking back, there is so much to improve of me as parent to my beautiful children. InsyaAllah this year I will be better, ameen.

I took this from the Official Website of Khalifah Institute

Let us read this every morning, InsyaAllah

Bismillaahir rahmaanir rahiim...

1. I am raising my child to be a successful vicegerent (khalifah) of Allah, who will help create a truly Islamic World.

2. Today I will try my best to know and understand all the influences upon my child's development.

3. Today I will try my best to help my child understand the power of negative influences to take him/her away from Allah, and the power of positive influences to take him/her to Allah.

4. Today I will try my best to shield my child from the power of the negative influences to take him/her away from Allah.

5. Today I will try my best to enhance (increase) the power of the positive influences upon my child to take him/her toward Allah.

6. Today I will try my best to notice some positive things my child does or says, and tell him/her how much those things are appreciated by me and by Allah.

7. Today I will try my best to say nothing negative to my child. Even if I have to correct my child's wrong behaviour I will try my best to find some positive way to do so.

8. Today I will love my child unconditionally, but I will try my best to express that love at times which are most beneficial to my child.

9. Today I will try my best to be an example of a good and right human being (Muslim) for my child.

10. Today I will pray for Allah's help that I can be a good parent for my child.


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