It's 4am and I am listening to 3am by Matchbox Twenty. My ears continue listening to their songs while my index finger keeps clicking the mouse and my eyes constantly looking at hundreds of pictures, processing them for editing. I'm actually enjoying my quiet morning while everyone is sleeping. Once or twice in a week I get to do this - at times none at all. I wish I am disciplined enough to make this a daily routine. But when you're a mom with kids who wake up two or three times in the middle of the wee hours, you end up dozing off with the little ones in the effort of putting them back to sleep, OPS!

Nonetheless I think I'm progressing, InsyaAllah. This blog will give me that motivation. The past months I've been holding myself from updating my blog. Too many excuses not to update, and the major ones work loads were piling up I wouldn't have time for blogging. Finally I made the magic move last Friday to visit this space of mine and yes updating it! It was indeed rejuvenating, yeah I felt good!

The good feeling should continue. So, here I am again updating my blog while taking a quick break before my eyes get spinning from going through all these hundreds of images!

This is a recent picture of my eldest, she is 5 now. We find it amazingly cute that only at this age she started to have an interest for a teddy or in her case, a stuffed fox! I breastfed my eldest for three years and she was and still is very attached to me - berchenta dengan mommy, her daddy said! I guess that was the reason why she was never attached to any toy or blanket.

Just after her birthday her daddy brought Iffah to Toys r us. Shopping with Iffah is easy because she hardly demands and usually requests for little things and art stuff. However at times she ends up not knowing what to buy, just like what happened on that day. They went around the shop with Iffah kept figuring out what she wanted, until she saw the fox. Immediately she said, "I want a fox daddy!" A rare request, so how can daddy said no :)

It is kinda sweet to see her taking care of her little fox so I thought a portraiture of my girl with her 'teddy' would be great.

It was a quick one, a 10-minute portraiture. Later I post-processed this image and did a little treatment to the picture, added a texture to it but reduced the opacity for I did not want the texture to be too obvious.

fadhil  – (5/24/11, 1:39 PM)  

hehe... the fox name is Nasha, and at the shopping mall, Iffah hold the fox while make the "aauooo" sound.hahaha... And the shoppers keep on wonder....

Milin littlestori.com  – (5/25/11, 12:38 PM)  

LOL mommy should be around at that time! Wonder how loud it is? :)

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