every little thing she does is magic...

It was midday.
I had just performed my solat when my little one entered my room.
She went straight to her chair that was still left by the window.
Sometime in the morning upon waking up - especially during the weekend - my girl and her big sister love to peek from our window watching the birds and such.
But this time I did not expect her to do that.

Instead I was puzzled wondering what she's up too.
Upon climbing up her chair,

Me: What are you doing dear?
My girl: I want watch birds.
LOL. I should have guessed...
Me: Oh... do you see any?
My girl: Yehsh (yes)
Me: What is the bird doing?
My girl: Shyinging (singing).
And gave me a very big smile.

Then right away she came up to me and said, "I want kiss mommy."

How sweet of her.
Little things a child does warmth your heart in a big way, don't you think?
That definitely made my yesterday.

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KL Photo Award finalist Milin Kassim is a custom, natural light portrait photographer. She specializes in newborns, babies, children and family portraiture. Contemporary in her approach, Milin strives to capture memorable, heartfelt images of childhood. She especially loves, loves to capture family connections and relationships; that sweet love and special bonding family members have for one another. And she has a big, soft spot for children natural expressions - be it sulking, cheeky, giggle, shy, angry, curious, etc. Those expressions melt her heart in a way she could never possibly describe in words. With thoughtful attention to details, Milin dwells in her dreamland of picture-processing giving a special touch to each of her images; turning them into artistic portraits that she hopes will tug the hearts of families for many, many years to come.


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