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Assalamualaikum and wishing you a lovely day.

I have not written on my blog for so long.  A lot has been happening and inshaa Allah I will write about it in another post. 
But today I’m writing to voice my concern over something that I find to be somewhat disturbing.  I shared my concern earlier at my facebook profile. It is regarding newborn photography. Newborn photography is blossoming yet what I found alarming is that we photographers (let’s not point fingers here, we all at one point or another get ‘overly excited’) might have crossed the limits just for the sake of being arty.  To the extent that putting baby on something that is not quite appropriate like shoes or (dust)bin. I remember my daughter saw some newborn pictures online and asked me, "why they put baby on a dustbin?"  The bin was  nicely painted but still a child can recognize it. And worst putting baby in a situation that could pose DANGER to the baby.
Yesterday I saw a photographer putting baby on a pair of boots for a shoot.  She is not from Malaysia but from another country.  Perhaps I should not justify her action.  Perhaps there is some sentimental value about the boots that the baby was put on it for some artistic pose.  But generally in a normal situation we would not put our babies on a pair of boots (or shoes), or in a bin right? Not only that it’s not fitting at all but shoes (or bin) have a certain purpose and definitely the purpose is not for putting our baby to sleep. 
Newborn photography is blossoming now in Malaysia but let us not just follow blindly without understanding the reason, purpose or value behind a latest trend.  It is even scarier too see that some photographers out there (I hope it is not happening in our country) would go to a certain extent just for the sake of following a trend or being arty.  They put a newborn baby in a swing (a slight move from baby could harm him), a glass bowl (what if the bowl breaks?) or posing baby with hands supporting cheeks and chin (a fresh new baby could not herself do this). 
All this trend probably started from a good intention.  Having said this, there are professionals who do this with the most care and attention and having assistants with them, to ensure safety of a baby.  And a certain pose is done with composites (having a few pictures taken and compose them all in one - usually done with Photoshop) to achieve a certain pose that is not possible.  Many also have voiced their concerned because some others had started following this trend without actually following the safety measures; photographing babies in swings for instance without having assistants to ensure baby safety.  You can read more about safety issuess here and here
Before I end, let us go back to the reason why we take pictures of our babies in the first place. We are doing it for the memory of our children; to tell them how much we love them hence we keep their childhood memories.  One day these pictures will be beautiful, precious memories for our children. Reminding them of our love and how precious they were to us. So let’s not forget the reason and follow blindly for the sake of passion or being arty. And if I do cross my limits please do remind me too.
And dengan penuh rendah diri to all dear parents who are reading this: if you see something so cute, nice and trendy done by photographers overseas let’s not just push the local photographers to do the same just because it is cute, gorgeous or because it’s a new trend.  The pictures you see might take a huge safety measure or the pictures you see may not be suitable for our religion and culture.  Imagine if our mom and dad see a picture of their grandchild on a pair of shoes or in a bin? How would they feel? Even a child can feel it’s not appropriate.  What more to someone who is wiser than us; our own parents.

Allah knows best and let's pray Allah the Almighty protect us from doing something that is harmful to us, our children and to our society.

Much love,

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