Assalamulaikum warahmatullah.
(May peace and mercy of Allah be with you)

Have you ever met someone and by the wills of Allah, they uplift your spirits and more than that they make your perspectives on life clearer or put them back on track - without them knowing  they give you such impact?
Alhamdulillah not only I met someone, but I met a few of them that gave me such impact.  They put others ahead of themselves and they do not wait for good things to happen, they instead by the wills of Allah make them happen.  Subhanallah, such inspirations they give to people around them.

To cut the story short one of them has initiated a project to help Syrians living in Malaysia.  Quoted from the lady herself,
"The ShawlSuriyProject is an initiative to help lessen the burden of some of the displaced Syrians in Malaysia by providing them with a steady source of income to sustain themselves long term inshas Allah.  Proceeds from slaes will go to help the tailors' families and other Syrian causes biiznillah."

Instead of putting my words I want you to visit the page and follow an amazing journey this project is undertaking.  If you need to find out further, or for any volunteerism possibility you may reach them at:
whatsapp/text only: +019-6691219 +6016-4170837

Much love and May Allah bless,

Anonymous –   – (11/20/13, 2:37 PM)  

thank you Kak Milin, for your kind words and for promoting the Syrian refugees' home biz. Honestly, with everything that Allah swt has blessed me with, I'm not doing enough. I could and should have done more..
Anyway sis, alhamdulillah for knowing you too. May Allah reward you for the time and effort spent on this cause, done purely His sake, seeking nothing in return -when I know you're a wife and a mom and so busy with other commitments too! Shukran jazilan. Trust me, you are an inspiration too ;)


milin  – (11/21/13, 11:40 AM)  

Masha Allah, you are too kind dear! Surely I have done nothing much. Thanks so much for your kind thoughts. May Allah purify our hearts and keep our intentions right.

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