pray for pantai timur

Assalamulaikum warahmatullah.
(May peace and mercy of Allah be with you)

I'm feeling a bit under the weather today - due to cold & cough, and I guess I'm still saddened by the floods affecting those in Pantai Timur Malaysia especially in Kemaman. Although I was not born there but I grew up in Kemaman, almost my entire childhood. I manged to contact some dear friends - alhamdulillah so glad to know they are okay, but I still could not reach a few; praying for their safety.

My prayers to all families who are affected by the flood tragedy. May Allah protect them and ease their difficulties and hardships. And may Allah grant them strength and patience to go through this tough time.

If you want to find out further and help those affecting by the flood there are many organizations out there doing their very best to help and among them is Khidmat Masyarakat Ikram: i-Bantu.

ps: sharing with you pictures of beautiful sisters I took before my long break.
at difficult times like this families, friends and even strangers unite together to help and pray for the ones in hardship. and at times like this alhamdulillah online networks such as Facebook does a great deal in spreading the news and inform public of current situations in shaa Allah in time for help. nonetheless I guess more help are needed. finally manged to call and talk in a length with a very dear friend in Kemaman; it is just so heartbreaking to find out what is happening there e.g water was rising in no time; people were stranded for days without food and electricity, they were not not enough water, food and other supplies; people braving themselves doing what ever they could to save family and friends. I feel so helpless and praying that help will come in no time for them, but most of all I do pray that the government would declare an emergency state so more help could come. To my friend and those affected with flood, indeed Allah love all of you who are going through this difficulty, I could not imagine if I were in your place, you are the brave ones and may Allah grant you strength and patience to go through this. And may Allah ease your pain and hardship. "So, verily, with evey difficulty, there is relief: Verily, with every difficulty there is relief."
~Quran 94 : 5-6

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